Thank you for visiting. I hope you will find something interesting or useful here. I use this site to share ideas and resources related to my greatest interests and passions: family and ministry. I live in Orlando, FL with my wife and children. We serve with a worldwide collegiate ministry which is headquartered in central Florida. In that capacity we have had the privilege of working with students around the world including those at Penn State, Indiana University, and George Mason University, as well as in Paris, Cairo, and Budapest.
I was born and raised in Southside Virginia and am very partial to the Old Dominion. Both sides of my family have resided in Brunswick County for generations. I am proud that 2 of my children are 12th generation Virginians. Growing up in a small community I got to know many members of my extended family. Perhaps this is one reason I love genealogy and family history.
In 1993 I graduated from James Madison University with a degree in English. During my senior year I wrote an undergraduate thesis entitled "Lexical Usage in the Dialect of Two Southside Virginia Counties." That project was inspired by an encounter I had as a sophomore when a fellow student happened to meet someone who grew up with me in Emporia, Virginia. When this student met my friend, she asked him if he was from Emporia. He said, "Yes! How on earth did you guess that?" She replied, "Because you talk just like my friend Eric."
In 2010 I received an M.A.R. from the Washington, D.C. campus of Reformed Theological Seminary. My final project was a study on the relationship between giving and eternal rewards in the Christian life. That project was born out of a concern that God's people be generous stewards as they rightly perceive how life in this age relates to life in the age to come.
I hope you enjoy the site and I look forward to hearing from you.

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