Prominent Family Members

William Jefferson Clinton (AKA William Jefferson Blythe IV)
42nd President of the United States.

John Adams & John Quincy Adams, 2nd and 6th Presidents of the United States.

  • Only American injured at the Boston Tea Party
  • Revolutionary War soldier 
Colonel David Mason (1731-9 Feb 1792) of Sussex County, VA
  • Elected to Virginia House of Burgesses at 25, served with Thomas Jefferson
  • Virginia Conventions of 1775 (where Patrick Henry delivered his famous speech), 1776, and 1777
  • Served directly under Gen. George Washington as Commander of the 15th Virginia Regiment
  • Correspondence with Gen. Washington kept in Library of Congress
  • Committee that presented George Mason's Bill of Rights to the House of Burgesses


Col. Elijah Hiram Herchel Blick (c1803-1877), Brunswick Co., Virginia, Judge and member of the Virginia House of Delegates.

Gov. Winthrop Murray Crane (1853-1920), Republican governor of Massachussetts (1900-1903).

Dan Quayle, 44th Vice-President of the United States. When I met h
im in 1997 I had no idea we were related.